If you work in an office, you likely spend a lot of time in offices and cubicles during the week. Let’s face it: most offices weren’t designed to be attractive. The colors are bland, the walls opaque, oppressive, boring, and fluorescent lighting can be hard on the eyes.

Any place where you spend a good portion of your time should feel welcoming, and any office can benefit from some tasteful decorating and personalization. And you don’t need interior designer skills to ensure your space is a happy and inspiring. executivehub knows a thing or two about customizing offices and the good that a few personal touches can do for your morale.

The Benefits of Personalization

Employees benefit from being able to have a space that’s clearly their own and personalized with belongings that bring them joy. This is especially true open office layouts where privacy isn’t always possible.

Employees in open office layouts spend more mental energy coping with distractions and interruptions that impact concentration and motivation. When allowed a few personal items such as photos, knick-knacks, or children’s drawings, employees have a sense of ownership over their otherwise public workspace, making them happier and more efficient workers.

Even in more traditional office arrangements, the findings were similar. One study looked at administrative and clerical employees at a university administration building working with various office configurations. The study measured perceptions of privacy and levels of emotional exhaustion and sought to find a correlation with the number of personal items in the office.

After controlling for position in the organization, age, and gender, it turned out that across the board, employees with lower perceptions of privacy reported more exhaustion—especially if their workspaces were undecorated. The sample size of the study was small, but it demonstrated that employees can benefit from having a few small items to make a space their own.

Ideas for Personalization

What can you do to make your executive suite feel more personal? It doesn’t take much, and a lot of fun office decorations can be functional as well. Here are a few ideas to bring a little bit of your personality into your office space so you can be happier and more productive.

• Colorful office supplies for your desk—staplers, paper clips, and filing folders don’t need to be plain old manila
• A white board or bulletin board for reminders or messages, complete with unique thumbtacks or magnets
• A calendar that gives you something to look forward to each day, like daily inspiration, a word of the day, or a reward for a job well done
• A few tasteful knick-knacks
• An area rug
• Books and bookends—even if you can’t read except during lunch, it can feel great to be surrounded by your favorites
• A low-maintenance, office-friendly plant like a cactus, spider plant, or peace lily
• A small, direct light source so you’re not stuck with the fluorescent light all the time
• Your own coffee mug
• Pillows for fun and comfort
• A mirror to make a space seem larger
• Wall decorations—photos, picture frames, postcards, or other office-friendly images can brighten up a bland wall

Personalized Executive Suites

Even a rented office space can feel a little more like home with personalized touches. It’s all about flexibility with executivehub: we have executive suites and other office rental options that suit the needs of any business.

We offer beautiful offices, with or without furnishings, the amenities you need to keep business going strong, a café and community areas for networking and taking a break, and flexible leasing options based on your needs. We give you everything that you need to make your business run. All we need is for you to bring your personality into it!

For more information on what we can offer Scottsdale entrepreneurs, contact us online or by phone at 480.945.8500.

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