Jobs aren’t always going to be fun, and no one can be motivated all the time, but when a company culture isn’t in good shape, employees just don’t feel engaged or motivated. These are companies where employees go through the motions, phone it in, or seem more checked out than they should be at work. Poor motivation among employees isn’t just bad for a business’ productivity, but it’s also bad for employee quality of life, which can lead to a cycle of negativity. Where does this problem come from, and how can entrepreneurs and other business owners fix it?

Why Disconnect Happens

It’s easy for us to coast through a day of work on autopilot. When we repeat a task day after day, it becomes so ingrained that our brain simply doesn’t need to focus as hard on it. This may lead to workers, and ultimately workplaces, who become disconnected from what they’re doing. Once workers are disconnected from their responsibilities, they become disconnected from their jobs and the people their work affects.

Particularly large or complex workplaces also may create senses of isolation and alienation among employees. Employees who feel lost and unengaged are at risk of losing their connections to their jobs and the people they serve. It’s the responsibility of a workplace’s leaders to compensate for this, which is easier than you might think.

The Solution? Create Connections

All it takes to create a connection is to tell a story. You don’t have to do anything elaborate, and you certainly don’t have to be a poet or novelist to tell a story. All you do is remind people why they do what they do, and for whom they do it. Once the work stops being something mindless that gets done during business hours and becomes more of a duty or responsibility to others, it can feel more important.

As a leader, you can change how stories are framed in your office space to affect the feelings of the people who work for you. Use concrete examples and anecdotes to make consequences real. There’s a difference between washing your hands because it’s a company policy versus washing your hands because someone you love got sick as a result of someone who wasn’t careful with hygiene in the workplace. Framing a story like this may change a routine task an employee might not give much thought to, and change it into a fulfilling responsibility.

Not every story has to be about negative consequences. Share stories with your employees about the impact you had on someone’s day when you corrected a problem, provided especially quick service, or made someone’s life easier during a hard time because of your work.

A bit of humanity can go a long way toward making your customers and employees feel good. Offer apologies when necessary, and express gratitude when it’s deserved. Even these small interactions do wonders toward morale, and you’ll see more success as employees connect what they’re doing to outcomes and people. When employees feel purposeful, your customers notice, and clients are more likely to think highly of you and return to your workplace for the way you approach people.

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