Technology has, without a doubt, made our personal and business lives easier and more efficient. Unfortunately, because it’s become a part of our daily lives, technology has also made it harder to separate our work and leisure time. This can be especially true for entrepreneurs who work in a virtual office: when your business can be carried around in your pocket, it can be hard to avoid checking your phone.

It can be a struggle to achieve work-life balance with technology at your side. However, there are physical and emotional benefits to being able to put the technology down and step away for a bit. Here are some situations where you can give yourself permission to leave the office behind and find your own space.

Don’t Use Your Phone Before Bed

Bedtime should be sacred. It’s important to take time to stop focusing on what to do next and instead focus on getting some rest before the next day. While not everyone is writing work emails while lying in bed, smartphones have made it easier to mindlessly scroll through websites or social media for “just five minutes” before sleeping. It can feel mindless, but you’re focusing on your phone instead of sleeping, and your neck and wrists would probably appreciate a break.

The solution is as simple as not having your phone in the bedroom at all. Use an actual alarm clock instead of your phone to get up in the morning, and leave your phone in another place to charge so that you have nothing but darkness before bed.

Eat Meals Without Screens

It can be tempting to take a working lunch when you have a virtual office. However, if it’s possible to make mealtime a break from work, you should try to do it. You’ll enjoy your food more if you’re not stressed or working at the same time. Put your phone down, step away from the computer, and pay attention to what you’re eating.

Take a Walk, But Leave Your Device Behind

The benefit of virtual offices is that you can work from anywhere. This also means that you have freedom of movement, which is great for creativity. It’s good for your body to get some light exercise; besides, the distractions that are available on walks are good for you. When you take an afternoon walk away from your office space, leave your phone at your desk. It might feel strange at first, but even that short break will let you come back fresh.

Remember: Even Small Steps Are Good

Work-life balance looks different for everyone. Some people have a physical office space they can get away from, while other people carry their phone with them at all times and need to check in often. Some habits can be hard to break, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t completely “detox” from your screens. It’s better to take small, short breaks than to try to change your behavior overnight because you’ll just end up frustrated and unproductive. Experiment with what works for you.

Executive Office Spaces in Scottsdale

Having a place outside of your home to run your business can help create a good work-life balance. If you’re in the Scottsdale area, executivehub has the rental office spaces to help make that happen. We can provide you with the amenities that your office needs to run, common areas to take a break and informally meet with others, and the technology to support virtual office or conferencing needs. You can trust us to give you the tools you need to stay connected when you need to and rest easy when you’re off the clock. For more information about what we can offer you, call 480.945.8500 or contact us online.

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